EzSlim Lose Weight Now | Frequently Asked Questions

What's the dosage?
Usually you will take 1 capsule twice per day on an empty stomach, 1hr before food. You should have a 2 day break each 5 days. Each bottle contains 60 pills.

Whats in them?
Each 500mg capsule contains extracts of: Caralluma fimbriata, Green Tea, Bitter orange, and black pepper.

How much will I lose?
Generally with no changes in diet and exersize you will lose 1 – 4 kg per week, however this can be greatly increased with regular exersize and a balanced diet.

Can I take these pills instead of eating?
No. This product doesn't contain the necessary nutrients and minerals to sustain life. It just tricks the brain into thinking you are full, so its forced to burn fat. You will however notice you are eating less and have more energy.

Are there any side effects?
EZslim is normally well tolerated, however if you experience nausea, dizziness, or any other adverse side effect stop taking immediately and consult your health care professional.

Are their any cautions?
Do not take if you are allergic to caffeine or any of the other ingredients. If you are on medication , have heart problems, or suffer any serious illness consult with your doctor first. Not for pregnant or lactating mothers.

How do I pay?
The fastest method of payment is with creditcard online via our secure order form. We can also accept other methods like bank transfer, so feel free to contact us about alternative payment methods.

How long does it take to get my order?
Most orders are processed and shipped within 24hrs. We will contact you by email if there is any issues. We ship world wide from New Zealand, and offer either Airmail or Courier delivery methods. Airmail will take 5 – 12 days, while courier is 2-6 days. W e are very experienced at shipping and do all we can to get you your order as soon as possible.

Do you guarantee your product?
Yes, we are so confident that our pills will be the most effective weight management solution you have tried, we offer a 60 day, money back guarantee, and will refund you up to 1 empty bottle as any number of unopened bottles. If in the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with the results, please contact us for return instructions.